Tiawan Mullen Scouting Report


Name: Tiawan Mullen

Position: CB

School: Indiana

Height: 5’ 10”

Weight: 175 lbs

Class: Junior

Games Watched: vs Maryland (2020), vs Michigan State (2020), vs Iowa (2021)


-He is not afraid to get his nose dirty and get to work when it comes to run support

-Solid tackling form. Locks onto the legs and makes his tackles below the hip

-He doesn’t try to use just his shoulder

-Packs a lot of punch for a guy of his build

-Is very strong when it comes to zone coverage

-He excels at being able to read the eyes of the QB and make plays off of it

-Has a high football IQ, seems to have an idea of what is going to happen before it happens

-Is a very instinctive player

-Plays with a high motor and is always going top speed during plays

-In 2020 he really struggled in man coverage, in 2021 he looks much improved

-Against Michigan State in 2020, he made two really strong and instinctive interceptions


-Could do a better job of staying on the hip of his receiver

– At times he can get lost or not recover from a receiver’s initial move causing him to fall behind

– Stronger in zone coverage than in man; has shown improvements in man coverage though

-Needs to do better at guiding receivers at the line of scrimmage, often he does not initiate contact or try to push them where he needs them to go (could be issues with size)

-He has a small frame, weighs anywhere between 175 and 180; could get bullied by larger receivers

-Change of direction is inconsistent; at times it is instant and instinctive, other times it is slow and sluggish


Mullen was a three-star athlete out of Coconut Creek High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was offered scholarships by TCU, Ole Miss, Kansas State, and Pittsburgh before going with Indiana. Through his time at Indiana, it seems that he has no off-the-field issues to speak of. He has dealt with a foot injury some towards the end of the 2021 season. The specifics of the injury have been vague but seem to be muscular in nature. 

I was hesitant about Mullen when I first watched his tape. It may have been the combination of his size and frame that just did not look appealing. But he definitely impressed me after a few games. The biggest thing that Mullen needs to work on is the physical aspect of his game. Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to tackling and helping out in the run game he is an absolute monster. But when it comes to being physical with receivers I see struggles. When he is in press coverage he doesn’t jam enough or use that small window where he can be physical to guide the receiver where he wants him to go. Instead, it seems as if he just lets the receiver choose the path for the most part and then he will follow. Thankfully, Mullen has worked a great deal on his man coverage from the 2020 season to the 2021 season because that was beginning to look like his weakest trait. 

When it comes to strengths, one of his biggest strengths is reading the eyes of the quarterback. This kid is so smart when it comes to zone coverage. He understands the area that he is responsible for and he reads plays well. This also helps him in run support. He is very quick to recognize the play and react accordingly. Most of his plays on the ball come from zone coverage whether he is in a Cover 3 running down the sideline or he is in a Cover 2 settled down in a section on the field. I see Mullen getting drafted on the second day of the draft. He is not the best corner in the draft by any stretch of the imagination but he will have his place on a team. I give him a 3rd round grade overall. 

Trait Grades

Athleticism: 60/80

Man Coverage: 60/80

Zone Coverage: 60/80

Instincts: 65/80

Run Support: 70/80

Ball Skills: 60/80

Physicality: 55/80

Change of direction: 50/80

Long speed: 70/80

Recovery: 55/80

Frame: 55/80

Final Grade: 7.42/10

Round Projection: 3rd

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