Roger McCreary Scouting Report


NAME: Roger McCreary


SCHOOL: Auburn

HEIGHT: 6′ 0″

WEIGHT: 190 lbs

CLASS: Senior

GAMES WATCHED: vs UGA (2020), vs Arkansas (2020), vs Ole Miss (2021)


  • Does a great job of staying on the hip of the receiver
  • His strength is as a press man corner
  • He is patient at the line of scrimmage and does a good job of rerouting receivers
  • Is not easily fooled by double moves and attempts for separation by the receiver
  • He has a lot of experience with different coverages (press, man, cover two, cover three)
  • When it comes to tackling he doesn’t mind stepping up to make a play
  • Has good form when tackling (goes for the hips and the legs, doesn’t try to truck people)
  • He covers deep throws really well, is the type of corner that can go step for step with receivers
  • Has fluid hips and does a great job of sticking with receivers at the top of their routes
  • Does an excellent job of covering when he can direct the receivers to the sideline
  • Has the ability to make plays on the ball, not really a ball hawk


  • When it comes to run support, block shedding is a weakness
  • He truly struggles to get away from blocks to make plays on the ball carrier
  • Comeback routes are his weakness, doesn’t have the best change of direction there
  • Struggles at times with routes across the middle (can really lose the receiver if he gets picked)
  • Could use improvements in zone coverage
  • Needs to work on his football IQ


Roger McCreary is a former 3 star cornerback out of Williamson High School in Mobile, Alabama. As a senior, McCreary received offers from Duke, South Alabama, NC State, and Auburn. He first signed with South Alabama, then decommitted to sign with Auburn. Through his time at Auburn he doesn’t seem to have any injury history. He also doesn’t seem to have any off the field issues to be concerned about. 

McCreary is a solid corner for the 2022 NFL Draft. He has a lot of traits and intangibles that will get him far. He is very athletic and that can carry him a long way. The biggest thing that McCreary needs to work on is his football IQ. There are times it feels he relies on his athleticism too much instead of reacting based on what he has seen in the film room. This needs to change. He belongs in a system that is going to be able to use him in press situations because that is where he thrives. McCreary does an amazing job of directing his receivers at the line of scrimmage to the inside and keeping them there. He is effective at doing this and often takes away an option for the opposing quarterback to throw to. 

As of now it’s hard to see him being a shutdown corner right off the bat. He doesn’t need to line up in the slot because he will likely be eaten alive there. McCreary would be a solid complementary piece to a lockdown corner until he becomes established in the league. Overall I feel he is a solid day two guy. There is a slight chance he could go late on day one but I just have a feeling he will go early on day two of the draft, so I give him a second round grade.

Trait Grades

Athleticism: 65/80

Man Coverage: 70/ 80

Zone Coverage: 55/80

Instincts: 55/80

Run Support: 50/80

Ball Skills: 65/80

Physicality: 70/80

Change of direction: 55/80

Long speed: 70/80

Recovery: 60/80

Frame: 60/80

Final Grade: 7.71/10

Round Projection: 2nd

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