Cody Mauch Scouting Report

Name: Cody Mauch

School: North Dakota State

Position: iOL

Class: 6SR

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 302 lbs

Position:iolTrait Grade
Trait 1:Pass Protection65
Trait 2:Anchor60
Trait 3:Hand Placement60
Trait 4:Balance65
Trait 5:Power60
Trait 6:Pulling Ability70
Trait 7:Run Blocking65
Trait 8:Feet50
Trait 9:Versatility60
Trait 10:Frame50
Round Grade:2nd


Bison lineman Cody Mauch is a fun story as a zero star walk-on turned starting left tackle for the Bison. But Mauch is much more than just an underdog story of a guy who may be slept on because he is from an FCS program.

While watching Mauch’s film I projected him as a left guard at the NFL level. He has the ability to be a good to elite guard in many schemes, he has the athleticism you want out of a guard, he can pull with relative ease, gets to the second level easily, and is just a mauler in the run game. In the pass game Mauch needs to refine some of his technique, gets wide with his hands and base at times but as a whole seems like he recovers quickly when he makes that mistake. Mauch’s feet are light and twitchy which give him the ability to go along with most of the more explosive pass rushers. Mauch is strong enough as a blocker but when he goes against a more physically imposing presence it becomes much more apparent that he isn’t the strongest.

Part of that probably comes from Mauch’s slightly undersized frame. He comes in just over the 300 lbs mark at 302. Some people probably think that adding weight to him is feasible, but after seeing him at the Senior Bowl it doesn’t look like something that should be a goal. He looks like he may be at a good playing weight for the type of player he is, which to me screams a zone blocking guard who is athletic enough to create holes at the second level. Mauch is a fun player and I expect him to go early Day 2 in the NFL Draft.


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