Let’s Talk Quarterbacks: Carson Strong

Here we are ladies and gentlemen, I am back with another QB scouting report after taking some time off for mental health reasons. But we are back with a new series where I just talk quarterback prospects. Today we are going to start with my favorite quarterback prospect in the 2022 draft cycle: Carson Strong.

The Good

Strong is a classic pocket passer with a few different traits that should pull people in as the draft gets closer. At 6’3″ and 215 lbs, he fits the build of a franchise quarterback at the pro level. Attached to that frame is an incredible arm. Strong uses said arm to absolutely paint the field however he wants to. Strong also displays textbook mechanics in almost every regard of the QB position. He shows incredible accuracy on downfield shots, specifically the passes that ride the sideline. Another thing that makes Strong so appealing is his ability to navigate the pocket. Strong isn’t a dual threat QB by any real standards, but he can maneuver the pocket well. Strong also seems to be incredibly smart and has full control of the offense. Here are some clips of Strong doing what he does well:

The Ugly

There isn’t much that I would classify as bad for Strong, as much as I’d say that it is ugly. One major weakness of Strong’s game is lack of athletic ability on the ground. As good as his pocket presence is his ability to truly escape the pressure is a little concerning. Another minor issue is that sometimes Strong locks onto his targets right off the bat or within the first one or two reads. One other concern is his knee. Strong has some previous knee injuries that might drop his draft stock. But it is hard to know what it truly is without access to his medicals. Clips below:

The Skinny

So as you can see, Carson Strong is a pretty straightforward prospect. There aren’t many questions about his game, you know what you’re getting with him, outside the knee. But like all QBs in this class, the landing spot will be incredibly important to Strong’s success. Strong being a traditional pocket passer who can’t really move well might take him off of some team’s boards. But the strong armed passer has the potential to be a real star if he lands in a spot that plays to his strengths.

Hunter’s Ideal Landing Spots

My dream landing spots for Strong are:

  • Cleveland
  • Denver
  • Pittsburgh

All three landing spots have pieces that would work well with Strong’s game. Cleveland has great OL play and an established running game to help take pressure off. Pittsburgh has a game plan already similar to what would suit Strong, since Big Ben’s mobility is also nonexistent while having great weapons across the offense. And Denver has decent OL play and some exciting young weapons across the board to really help his development.

Hunter’s Round Projection: 1st

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