Kennedy Brooks Scouting Report


Name: Kennedy Brooks

Position: RB

School: Oklahoma

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 215 lbs

Class: Redshirt Senior

DOB: 10/8/1998

Games Watched: 2019 – UCLA, Texas Tech; 2021 – Texas, Texas Tech, Oregon (Alamo Bowl)


Brooks is a very smart player for the Sooners offense. He is very aware as a player and it is noticeable in pass pro. Brooks always has his head on a swivel and picks up pass rushers. As a runner, Brooks displays good vision with his ability to find the holes. Brooks excels on runs in the inside, exceled on runs in the B gaps. Once the ball is in Brooks’ hands, he is incredibly tough to bring down. He is a powerful runner who has great contact balance in the open field which helped Brooks put up 6.3 YPC in 2021 and a career YPC of 7.23 in his Sooner career.

Areas to Improve:

Brooks is not the most explosive player when on the field which brings some concerns to his game. He doesn’t cut or make breaks super quickly and doesn’t have the best burst or top speed. I also think Brooks would really benefit from improving his presence as a pass blocker. He is very aware of where he needs to be and what he needs to do. But I personally would like to see more violence from him since he is a violent runner.


Sooners running back Kennedy Brooks is one of my absolute favorite players in this draft class. Brooks is an incredibly smart and physical runner who excels with the ball in his hands with his blend of vision and power. He isn’t necessarily a flashy player but he is very efficient and smart. Brooks has the ability to be a solid committee piece early for a team who has a solid change of pace back to help balance him out. I think Brooks best fit would be on a team that runs inside zone schemes. If things go perfectly for Brooks, he should be able to develop into a lead piece of a committee for a running backs room which works since most NFL teams are switching to RB committees in some way, shape, or form.


Creativity: 50/80 (Average)

Vision: 65/80 (Star)

Contact Balance: 65/80 (Star)

Pass Catching: 50/80 (Average)

Long Speed: 45/80 (Fringe Average)

Power: 60/80 (Above Average)

Explosiveness: 40/80 (Below Average)

Blocking: 45/80 (Fringe Average)

Durability: 75/80 (Elite)

Ball Security: 65/80 (Star)

Ceiling Grade: 55/80 (Above Average)

Grade: 6.32 (4th Round Grade)

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