Devin Leary Summer Scouting Report


NAME: Devin Leary


SCHOOL: North Carolina State

HEIGHT: 6’1″



HOMETOWN: Sicklerville, NJ

HIGH SCHOOL: Timber Creek

DOB: 9/10/1999

GAMES WATCHED: Clemson, Florida State, Wake Forest

Career Stats

  • 2019 (8 games): 101/210 (48.1%) for 1219 yards, 8 TDs, 5 INT, and a QB rating of 104.7. 40 rush for 46 yards.
  • 2020 (4 games): 66/110 (60.0%) for 890 yards, 8 TDs, 2 INT, and a QB rating of 148.3. 19 rush for 7 yards.
  • 2021 (12 games): 283/431 (65.7%) for 3433 yards, 35 TD, 5 INT, and a QB rating of 157.0. 54 rush for -73 yards and 2 TDs.


4 star recruit out of high school after being named New Jersey Player of the Year. 5th year senior with just one full season as starter so far. The first thing I noticed was unorthodox footwork; not bad, just unorthodox. Leary seems almost flat footed. He stutters on deep balls and makes throws look easy but short passes take full body movement. Good velocity on his short and intermediate game. His deep passing is effortless when it comes to strength, but not always on the money. Arm strength is not a concern, deep or cross field. Not a mobile QB by any means but does a good job moving in the pocket to avoid large losses on sacks. You won’t see Leary miss many (if any) wide open guys. Good football IQ but his feet can’t keep up with his head and arm. Leary is not going to lose you a game: he is smart with the ball and doesn’t force a lot. That being said, he also doesn’t take many risks which can lead to stalled drives. Needs to find the balance between risk and reward during the 2022 season. Leary has never fumbled the ball. I do think there is still a lot of room to grow for Leary, but he has a high floor.

Tier: Day 2

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