CJ Stroud Scouting Report


NAME: CJ Stroud


SCHOOL: Ohio State

HEIGHT: 6’2″



HOMETOWN: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

HIGH SCHOOL: Rancho Cucamonga

DOB: 10/3/2001

GAMES WATCHED: Michigan State, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Iowa, Penn State

Career Stats

  • 2020 (1 game): 1 carry for 48 yards (48 per carry) and 1 TD.
  • 2021 (12 games): 317-441 passing (71.9%) for 4,435 yards, 44 TDs, and 6 INT; 32 carries for -20 yards (-0.6 per carry).
  • 2022 (13 games): 258-389 passing (66.3%) for 3,688 yards, 41 TDs, and 6 INT; 47 carries for 108 yards (2.3 per carry).


CJ Stroud, a two sport athlete, was a varsity basketball player and a four star quarterback prospect coming out of Rancho Cucamonga High School in California. Stroud was a top performer at the Elite 11 camp in 2019, winning the MVP award and later committing to Ohio State under first year head coach Ryan Day. In his first year as a starter, Stroud was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy and cemented himself as one of the top quarterbacks in the country.

Trait Grades

  • Arm Talent: 60 (Above Average)
  • Accuracy: 65 (Star)
  • Out of Structure: 40 (Below Average)
  • Pocket Presence: 55 (Above Average)
  • Decision Making: 50 (Average)
  • Mechanics: 65 (Star)
  • Touch/Placement: 75 (Elite)
  • Progressions: 65 (Star)
  • Mobility: 50 (Average)
  • Size/Frame: 65 (Star)
  • Red Flags: 10/10 – none
  • Ceiling: 65 (Star)


CJ Stroud’s game is a throwback to a simpler time, for better and for worse. When in rhythm, his ball placement is second to none. His ability to layer passes over underneath defenders is a thing of beauty, and he throws a beautiful 9-ball. Along with that, his mechanics are strong in structure. He has a very traditional, strong release that works well in the quick game and delivers accurate passes down the field. He gets through his progressions efficiently, and typically sees the open man. However, it’s clear his game lacks in the preferred skills of the new age quarterbacks. While he has some mobility, it’s at it’s best on designed rollout passing plays, and there is little to no threat of Stroud tucking and running. He also has plenty of work to do out of structure. When his read isn’t there, he often freezes in the pocket before making the next decision, which leads to sacks or errant passes. Also lacks the internal clock to notice when his decisions, such as side-stepping a defender in the pocket, affect the timing of his receivers routes. This led to numerous turnover worthy plays and is something he needs to quicken up. If Stroud can learn to trust his eyes more often, he is more than capable of being a long-term starter.

Final Grade: 7.55 (2nd)


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