Max Duggan Scouting Report


NAME: Max Duggan



HEIGHT: 6’1 1/2″



HOMETOWN: Council Bluffs, IA

HIGH SCHOOL: Lewis Central

DOB: 3/12/2001

GAMES WATCHED: Baylor, Texas Tech, SMU

Came into the year as a backup under a new head coach. Took over as the starter following injury and never looked back. Named the winner of the 2022 Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award, Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, and was the Heisman runner-up. Won the 2018 Iowa State Gatorade Player of the Year. Was a four-year starter in high school. A hero in the state of Iowa, despite this, he didn’t consider the two schools. Had offers from Georgia, Penn State, and others. Started 10 games as a freshman, started 9 of 10 as a sophomore, and started every game as a junior (despite injury).

Career Stats

  • 2019 (12 games): 181-339 passing (53.4%) for 2,077 yards, 15 TDs, and 10 INT; 130 carries for 555 yards (4.3 per carry) and 6 TDs.
  • 2020 (10 games): 146-240 passing (60.8%) for 1,795 yards, 10 TDs, and 4 INT; 116 carries for 526 yards (4.5 per carry) and 10 TDs; 1 reception.
  • 2021 (10 games): 145-227 passing (63.9%) for 2,048 yards, 16 TDs, and 6 INT; 105 carries for 352 yards (3.4 per carry) and 3 TDs.
  • 2022 (15 games): 267-419 passing (63.7%) for 3,698 yards, 32 TDs, and 8 INT; 137 carries for 423 yards (3.1 per carry) and 9 TDs; 1 reception for 1 yard.

Trait Grades

  • Arm Talent: 60 (Above Average)
  • Accuracy: 45 (Fringe Average)
  • Out of Structure: 55 (Above Average)
  • Pocket Presence: 40 (Below Average)
  • Decision Making: 40 (Below Average)
  • Mechanics: 40 (Below Average)
  • Touch/Placement: 45 (Fringe Average)
  • Progressions: 50 (Average)
  • Mobility: 65 (Star)
  • Size/Frame: 65 (Star)


I like Duggan; I am definitely going to be a bit higher on him than most. However, I think he has a lot of really strong traits and just needs to put it all together. His arm is legit. There is something about his deep ball that looks like he just flicks it up with no effort. If Duggan can refine his mechanics his arm will only get stronger and he can add more velocity. Duggan had the fastest core of weapons in college football, so there were a few times when he was late on throwing the ball and they had to track back, I am not sure if this is an accuracy problem or a progression problem. He always seems to throw a little high, which is why his placement takes a knock. Duggan is really good out of structure. This is because he trusts his arm but knows he can run. He is a gritty runner, with surprisingly good footwork for a quarterback. Duggan is tough, his frame allows him to put his body on the line with no real problem. I believe that if Duggan gets placed into a Shanahan-style offense, which it feels like half the league runs, he could be very successful. Duggan has huge upside in the league if utilized right.

Final Grade: 6.04 (5th round value)


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