Matt Corral Scouting Report

Name: Matt Corral

School: Ole Miss

Position: QB

Height: 6′ 1 5/8″

Weight: 205 lbs

Class: Redshirt Junior


  • Displays good velocity on the ball
  • Has ability to extend the pocket with his legs
  • Good deep ball ability
  • Great touch on his passes
  • Arm can paint the field
  • Tough and charismatic leader who can rally a team
  • Displayed major growth between 2020 and 2021 (at the point of writing)


  • Not pinpoint accurate but accurate enough
  • Makes super boneheaded decisions
  • Questions about transition from college scheme to pro level
  • Pocket presence needs some improvement
  • Plays a lot of “hero ball”
  • Not the biggest frame
  • Drops mechanics under pressure and relies purely on arm talent.


Matt Corral is one of the most insane players in this class. He’s almost like a roller coaster with insane highs and even worse lows. He is a leader on the field who oozes confidence and swagger, and his play matches that. Corral plays like he is playing a pickup game in his backyard. He’s very comfortable and confident any time he drops back to pass. It shows in his gunslinger mentality: he puts full faith in his arm while attempting to attack the defense. And to his credit, his arm rarely lets him down. The mistakes he typically makes are just boneheaded passes where he either doesn’t see the defender or he throws into double or triple coverage. The plays where his arm comes through are incredibly impressive. He has a rifle for an arm that can hit anywhere on the field. However, he also has a tendency to drop his mechanics and rely purely on arm talent as he gets put under pressure. Corral has potential to be the top QB prospect in this class, which might not mean much, but regardless he’s a fun player who shows plenty of traits that you want in a franchise QB.  


  • Short Accuracy: 6.5/8
  • Medium Accuracy: 6.5/8
  • Deep Accuracy: 6/8
  • Decision Making: 6/8
  • Mechanics: 6.5/8
  • Pocket Presence: 6/8
  • Velocity: 7/8
  • Mobility: 6/8

Final Grade: 6.3125/8

Will develop into starter within 2 seasons

Round Projection: 1

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