Isaiah Spiller Scouting Report


NAME: Isaiah Spiller



HEIGHT: 6’1”

WEIGHT: 215 lbs

CLASS: Junior

HOMETOWN: Spring, Texas

HIGH SCHOOL: Klein Collins

Isaiah Spiller was a four star recruit out of Klein Collins High School who received MVP honors in his High School District in both his junior and senior years. Spiller received offers from mostly all of the major Power Five schools: Alabama, Michigan, Michigan State, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, etc. He would originally commit to Oklahoma but would eventually de-commit and commit to Texas A&M, where he has the most 100-yard rushing games since Greg Hill back in the 1990s. He is a 2020 All-SEC First Teamer and a Doak Walker Semifinalist.

GAMES WATCHED: 2020 – Florida; 2021 – Alabama, Kent State

Trait Grades

Creativity – 70 (Star): I absolutely love Spiller’s creativity. He truly has a way to make something out of nothing. He is great at being able to make things work within tight spaces. Spiller shows a great deal of patience in waiting for lanes to develop and waiting for his offensive linemen to do the work necessary. In open space, he is absolutely lethal. He can truly manipulate the space to make defenders miss. This is one of the strongest points of his game. He doesn’t try to do too much as some running backs do. He doesn’t run all over the place going nowhere, he really tries to find the best lane he can for the best possible result. 

Vision – 70 (Star): He finds lanes of all sizes to run through with ease. He does a great job of diagnosing at very fast speeds when a lane is closing and when he needs to find an alternative option. Spiller always keeps an eye open on cutback lanes in case he has to change direction. He also has a great awareness of where the ball is on the field and where he needs to get for a first down or a touchdown. Spiller has quick decision-making ability and can adjust on the fly.

Contact Balance – 65 (Star): Spiller is an absolute bowling ball when he gets going. His height and size make him really challenging to bring down. The only issue he really has with this part of his game is that he has a high pad level and runs too high. There are moments where he could really use his size to his advantage and he goes in too high causing him to get tackled. 

Pass Catching – 50 (Average): There are a lot of questions surrounding this aspect of Spiller’s game simply because he’s not often asked to do it. In the moments where he is, he does very well. He can make some really good catches and is a real threat when he gets the ball out into space. A better route tree would also be a plus but he can’t help that. Most of the time he only runs angle and wheel routes. It would be great to see how much he can truly offer as a three down back. 

Long Speed – 55 (Above Average): Bursting off big runs isn’t exactly what Spiller is known for. Most of the time his longer runs are between 20-30 yards. Very rarely does he hit a home run and go the full length of the field. 

Power – 60 (Above Average): Surprisingly he is a pretty powerful back. He has no issue lowering his shoulder and running over people. While he is more likely to break your ankles, he still is capable of being able to get extra yards the hard way. As mentioned before he has a tendency to run high which can affect the level of power that he has. 

Explosiveness – 70 (Star): Spiller is a very explosive back in a lot of different ways. He has great explosion in the short areas and is able to get through the second level in a HURRY. Spiller also has a ridiculous hesitation move that freezes defenders, leaving them grasping at the air. He doesn’t have the fastest cuts in the world but he is extremely quick at running laterally when he needs to to get around guys. 

Blocking – 55 (Above Average): This is not Spiller’s greatest skill set. He does give great effort and at least tries to block. The issue that he runs into is that he has trouble identifying the right defender to block. On different blitzes and stunts, he can get really confused and take on the wrong defender.

Durability – 65 (Star): No real issues to be aware of. He did seem to get hurt in the Alabama game this year but came back and finished the game out.

Ball Security – 55 (Above Average): Seemed to have issues with handling the ball for the last three seasons at Texas A&M. This is something that definitely will need to be worked on in the pros. 

Final Grade: 7.75

Round Projection: 2nd

Summary: Overall I see Spiller having a very good career in the NFL. I can see him consistently being a Pro Bowl caliber running back. As a rookie, it would be great if he had a true third down back to share the backfield with, at least until he can further develop that part of his game. Ultimately Spiller is going to be a solid starting running back for a team. He can come in and make an instant impact. He easily gets a second round grade for me. The only things that need improvement from him are his ball security and every-down value. He can fit into any offensive scheme and put in work. I really like Spiller and cannot wait to see where he gets drafted in April.

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