Tyree Wilson Summer Scouting Report


NAME: Tyree Wilson


SCHOOL: Texas Tech

HEIGHT: 6’6″



HOMETOWN: Henderson, TX


DOB: 5/20/2000

GAMES WATCHED: Oklahoma State, Kansas, TCU

Career Stats

  • 2019 (12 games): 12 tackles, 3 for loss, and 1.5 sacks.
  • 2020 (9 games): 5 starts. 10 tackles, 1.5 for loss, and 1.5 sacks.
  • 2021 (13 games): 13 starts. 38 tackles, 13.5 for loss, 7 sacks, and 1 pass deflection.


Tyree Wilson is a guy who does a lot of little things well. If you are looking for a pass rusher who is going to get you double digit sacks per season, this is not your guy. But if you’re looking for a guy who is going to help you in the run game and affect plays on a consistent basis, this is definitely your guy. Wilson has great frame and length. This allows him to stack, shed, and then pursue the ball carrier very well. He also creates good inside leverage, which allows him to shoot gaps well and affect the path of the ball carrier. He has long vines for arms that are very strong and hard to escape from, which makes him a consistent tackler. Does struggle with snap timing; most of the time the offensive linemen have already made their moves before he crosses the line of scrimmage. He is not a very bendy/flexible guy. He can struggle to finish on plays because of this. Lastly he struggles with change of direction which could probably have something to do with his length. Overall I think Wilson has a spot in the NFL. He contributes a lot to the run game and would fit in well as a 3-4 defensive end. As of now I am going to give him a 4th round grade. 2021 was his first full year of playing and fully understanding the TTU defense. I believe his last year will show continued improvement. Could definitely be a riser this season.

Tier: Day 3

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