Blake Freeland Summer Scouting Report


NAME: Blake Freeland



HEIGHT: 6’8″



HOMETOWN: Herriman, UT


DOB: 5/3/????

GAMES WATCHED: Arizona, Baylor

Career Stats

  • 2019 (6 games): 6 starts with 7 penalties, 13 pressures allowed, and 1 sack allowed.
  • 2020 (9 games): 7 starts with 2 penalties and 13 pressures allowed.
  • 2021 (12 games): 12 starts with 5 penalties, 5 pressures allowed, and 1 sack allowed.


Blake Freeland, the former 3 star athlete from Herriman, Utah, developed into the starting left tackle for the BYU Cougars. Freeland has a massive frame at 6’8″, 305 lbs that he is still learning how to use properly. In the run game, Freeland is an absolute people mover. He uses his strength and size to dominate in the run game and open holes. As good as Freeland is in the run game, he has some room to improve in the pass game. He struggles with his punches to disrupt pass rushers which causes him to sometimes lose out on leverage and get bull-rushed back. But he redeems himself in the pass game because he has good footwork. Once Freeland cleans up some of his technique, the combination of his strength and size should make the BYU product very appealing to NFL teams come the 2023 draft.

Tier: Round 1

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