Nick Broeker Summer Scouting Report


NAME: Nick Broeker


SCHOOL: Mississippi

HEIGHT: 6’5″



HOMETOWN: Springfield, IL

HIGH SCHOOL: Sacred Heart-Griffin

DOB: 10/7/2000

GAMES WATCHED: Arkansas, Auburn

Career Stats

  • 2019 (12 games): 3 penalties, 13 pressures allowed, and 1 sack allowed.
  • 2020 (10 games): 10 starts with 5 penalties, 25 pressures allowed, and 2 sacks allowed.
  • 2021 (13 games): 13 starts with 10 penalties, 19 pressures allowed, and 4 sacks allowed.


Plays with good strength and aggressiveness and has the power in his legs to drive defenders. Keeps a nice, wide base and has shown the ability to reset his feet if he gets driven back. Keeps his pads low at the point of engagement, which helps him win some battle. Has shown continuous improvement each year at Mississippi, but still needs work to effectively translate to the NFL. Doesn’t have ideal length for a left tackle; struggles with lengthier rushers and tends to get pushed around and knocked off balance. Usually works north to south in pass protection rather than laterally, which puts him at a disadvantage by putting him at weird angles. Not typically the one to initiate contact, leaving his chest open and hands wide. I think he’ll likely be kicked inside to guard due to his length issues and struggles in pass protection. As of now, I have a day three grade on him, but a high day three. I think he’ll be drafted around the fourth round.

Tier: Day 3

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