Jordan McFadden Summer Scouting Report


NAME: Jordan McFadden


SCHOOL: Clemson

HEIGHT: 6’2″



HOMETOWN: Spartanburg, SC


DOB: 11/16/1999

GAMES WATCHED: Georgia Tech, Syracuse, Pitt

Career Stats

  • 2018 (3 games): No stats accumulated.
  • 2019 (14 games): 6 pressures allowed, 1 sack allowed.
  • 2020 (12 games): 12 starts with 16 pressures allowed and 3 sacks allowed.
  • 2021 (13 games): 13 starts with 2 penalties, 10 pressures allowed, and 1 sack allowed.

Trait Grades

  • Pass Protection: 60 (Above Average)
  • Movement: 55 (Above Average)
  • Hand Placement: 65 (Star)
  • Anchor: 55 (Above Average)
  • Awareness: 50 (Average)
  • Run Blocking: 65 (Star)
  • Power: 45 (Fringe Average)
  • Finishing: 40 (Below Average)
  • Frame: 40 (Below Average)
  • Feet: 55 (Above Average)


Two year starter, one at each tackle spot. Frame is the big concern – listed at just 6’2” with reported 33 ¾” arms. Surprisingly light on his feet at times given he generally doesn’t block very far from the line of scrimmage. Forward heavy blocker who at times loses leverage by blocking upwards and not in a horizontal plane – struggles with his balance despite not often leaving his feet. Has power in his hands but needs to work on consistent placement to win more effectively. Effective mirror blocker who has the quicks to beat rushers to the corner and wall them off, but gets pulled in too many different directions when climbing in space. Likely backup/swing tackle early on if he doesn’t kick inside with some potential as a spot starter, but his most likely path to starting NFL snaps will be harnessing his athleticism on the interior, maybe in a pull-heavy system if he can narrow his focus in space.

Tier: Day 3

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