Jaquelin Roy Summer Scouting Report


NAME: Jaquelin Roy



HEIGHT: 6’3″



HOMETOWN: Baton Rouge, LA

HIGH SCHOOL: University Lab

DOB: 10/22/2000

GAMES WATCHED: UCLA, Alabama, Mississippi State

Career Stats

  • 2020 (9 games): 18 tackles, 4 for loss, and 2 sacks.
  • 2021 (13 games): 1 start. 6 tackles, 1.5 for loss, 1 forced fumble, and 2 fumble recoveries.


Has primarily been a rotational lineman through his first two seasons, but should get his first chance as a starter in 2022. Has decent production considering low snap count. Roy has a good bull rush and rip move to help him fight through blocks, but he needs a better idea of what to do when his initial move doesn’t work. Best as a pass rusher from 3 tech. One big area of improvement I saw was run defense. On most of the plays I saw, he didn’t provide much of an impact. He gets driven out of plays very easily, especially when he gets double-teamed. He could also improve his hand technique. Right now, there are moments where he has strong and violent hands, but there are also plenty of times where his hands get stagnant. Ultimately, he needs to consistently create separation from linemen. Roy has plenty of traits that can translate to the pros, he just needs to put them all together. I’m excited to see how he performs in his junior season after putting on some weight and hopefully getting increased playing time. Until then, I put Roy in the fourth round range. However, I fully expect him to climb boards into the Day 2 range with a good season in 2022.

Tier: Day 3

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