Spencer Rolland Summer Scouting Report


NAME: Spencer Rolland


SCHOOL: North Carolina

HEIGHT: 6’6″



HOMETOWN: Burnsville, MN

HIGH SCHOOL: Apple Valley

DOB: ??/??/????

GAMES WATCHED: Princeton, Yale

Career Stats

  • 2019 (10 games at Harvard): 10 starts with 1 penalty, 11 pressures allowed, and 4 sacks allowed.
  • 2021 (10 games at Harvard): 10 starts with 15 pressures allowed and 6 sacks allowed.


Rolland is a recent transfer to UNC’s football program. I was anxious to dig into his film and see what it had to say about him and to be honest I am now wondering if he will even see the field for the Tar Heels. Rolland is undersized for his frame and his position and would do well to try to put on some weight. He frequently lets pass rushers get into his chest first and consistently keeps his hands too low, even dropping them in the middle of blocking. For a guy as undersized as he is, he drops back far too slow and struggles with the speed of Ivy League athletes. He takes bad angles at the point of attack and bends at the waist, putting him in even tougher positions. At this point it is hard to see Rolland as a draftable prospect. I believe that at this point in his football career, with what I have seen so far, he is not an NFL caliber player. This could change with some time at UNC depending on how the season goes, but at best I see him improving into a UDFA.

Tier: Not NFL Caliber

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