Isaiah Foskey Summer Scouting Report


NAME: Isaiah Foskey


SCHOOL: Notre Dame

HEIGHT: 6’5″





DOB: 10/30/2000

GAMES WATCHED: USC, Cincinnati, Purdue

Career Stats

  • 2019 (4 games): 5 tackles.
  • 2020 (12 games): 20 tackles, 5 for loss, 4.5 sacks, and 1 pass deflection.
  • 2021 (13 games): 13 starts. 52 tackles, 9.5 for loss, 10 sacks,1 pass deflection, 6 forced fumbles, and 2 fumble recoveries.


A former four star recruit out of California, Foskey was impressive this past season. He comes in at a dominant 6’5″ and 260 lbs and it shows on the field. His speed to power is phenomenal off the edge, and he often demonstrates it with an effective long-arm move. He creates consistent push with this move, and usually gets around the edge to create a pressure. However, he lacks other pass rush moves, and rarely counters when beaten. Rather, Notre Dame moved him around a lot, creating more variety in his rushes. He often played a spy role with a noticeable number of coverage and A-gap pass rush reps as well. However, it’s clear that he’s at his best standing up off the edge. He excels when put on an island with a tackle, although snaps of those circumstances were rare. Aside from being moved around, he was often chipped, and occasionally faced double teams. Teams often ran the ball away from him, however, he showed some ability to take up multiple gaps and did a good job disengaging. There is a lot to like with Foskey, and a jump into the first round would likely require him to display a deeper bag of pass rush moves and more stand-up edge snaps.

Tier: Day 2

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