Khalil Keith Scouting Report


NAME: Khalil Keith


SCHOOL: Baylor

HEIGHT: 6’5″




HIGH SCHOOL: Winterboro

DOB: ??/??/????

GAMES WATCHED: West Virginia (2021), Texas Tech, TCU


6th year senior with 41 career games and 15 starts. He played in all nine games, including making four starts at left guard in 2020. Appeared in all 14 games, starting five of those at left guard, in 2019. He played in six games, including each of the last five in 2018. The past two seasons he has played primarily at right tackle the last few year but can be kicked inside if necessary because he has a few years of experience at guard. Has not been a consistent starter over the years that he has been at Baylor.

Trait Grades

  • Pass Protection: 50/80 (Average)
  • Movement: 55/80 (Above Average)
  • Hand Placement: 40/80 (Below Average)
  • Anchor: 45/80 (Fringe Average)
  • Awareness: 45/80 (Fringe Average)
  • Run Blocking: 65/80 (Star)
  • Power: 60/80 (Above Average)
  • Finishing: 55/80 (Above Average)
  • Frame: 55/80 (Above Average)
  • Feet: 50/80 (Average)
  • Red Flags: 10/10 – none
  • Ceiling: 60/80 (Above Average)


Keith’s pass protection is hit and miss at times. There are moments where he really shines and is able to get back to protect his QB, but those come without much consistency. He really struggles in pass protection when pass rushers cross his face. He struggles with recovering from their inital outside jab step. Keith’s hand placement could use improvement. There are moments where he struggles to stay connected with his assignment during pass protection and run blocking. His awareness has moments where it can be subpar. He can have issues adjusting to stunts and blitzes. Keith’s run blocking is one of the strongest parts to his game. He does a great job of getting into space quickly. For a man of his size he can move and drive bodies out of the way. He is constantly looking for someone to hit whenever he gets out into space. There are moments where he can really take defenders completely out of the plays. He does need to work on staying connected to his man while driving. Anchoring is not really a strong suit, perhaps due to the fact that he has not played his entire collegiate career at tackle or it could be due to him being a tad top heavy. Adding some mass to his lower body might help with this issue. Keith has his struggles at the tackle position but there has been enough flashes of good to make me think he can last as a right tackle. He should not be kicked inside right off the bat.

Final Grade: 6.71 (4th)


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