Will Levis Scouting Report


NAME: Will Levis


SCHOOL: Kentucky

HEIGHT: 6’3 7/8″



HOMETOWN: Middletown, CT


DOB: 6/27/1999

Career Stats

  • 2018 (at Penn State): Redshirted.
  • 2019 (6 games at Penn State): 28-47 passing (59.6%) for 223 yards, 2 TDs, and 2 INT; 51 carries for 213 yards (4.2 per carry) and 3 TDs.
  • 2020 (8 games at Penn State): 33-55 passing (60.0%) for 421 yards, 1 TD, and 0 INT; 82 carries for 260 yards (3.2 per carry) and 3 TDs.
  • 2021 (13 games): 233-353 passing (66.0%) for 2,826 yards, 24 TDs, and 13 INT; 107 carries for 376 yards (3.5 per carry) and 9 TDs; 1 reception for 15 yards.
  • 2022 (11 games): 185-283 passing (65.4%) for 2,406 yards, 19 TDs, and 10 INT; 72 carries for -107 yards (-1.5 per carry) and 2 TDs.

Trait Grades

  • Arm Talent: 75 (Elite)
  • Accuracy: 45 (Fringe Average)
  • Out of Structure: 45 (Fringe Average)
  • Pocket Presence: 40 (Below Average)
  • Decision Making: 45 (Fringe Average)
  • Mechanics: 45 (Fringe Average)
  • Touch/Placement: 45 (Fringe Average)
  • Progressions: 50 (Average)
  • Mobility: 70 (Star)
  • Size/Frame: 70 (Star)


Levis’ film is among the most difficult to decipher in this class. On tape, it’s clear that his measurables are off the charts. He has the arm to make any throw on the field, and mobility that would be near the top of the league. In practice, however, we begin to see some of the inconsistencies. Although it’s clear that Levis has elite arm talent, he often fails to step into throws, particularly deep balls. This typically leads to underthrows that, with a little more on them, would be easy ones for someone of his raw arm strength. Those issues in the pocket carry over to other aspects as well. Levis faced a lot of pressure in 2022, and when he did, he often failed to see it, leading to easily avoidable sacks. More of those sacks came from clean pockets as well, where Levis had the tendency to drift to either side of the field. It’s unclear where he is mentally, as much of his offense was half field or single reads, but there were instances where Levis would see the receiver late, and attempt to bail out a late throw with his strong arm. This worked a fair share in college, but it’s uncertain if it will translate. At the end of the day, Levis has all of the physical talent to be a franchise QB, but his habits will certainly need work to reach his peak.

Final Grade: 7.71 (2nd round value)


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