Cameron Ward Summer Scouting Report


NAME: Cameron Ward


SCHOOL: Washington State

HEIGHT: 6’2″



HOMETOWN: West Columbia, TX


DOB: 5/25/2002

GAMES WATCHED: Texas State, Houston Baptist, Nicholls State

Career Stats

  • 2020 (6 games at Incarnate Word): 183/303 (60.4%) for 2260 yards, 24 TDs, 4 INT, and a QB rating of 146.6. 38 rush for 2 yards and 2 TDs.
  • 2021 (13 games at Incarnate Word): 384/590 (65.1%) for 4648 yards, 47 TD, 10 INT, and a QB rating of 154.2. 77 rush for 61 yards and 1 TD.

Trait Grades

  • Arm Talent: 65 (Star)
  • Accuracy: 55 (Above Average)
  • Out of Structure: 65 (Star)
  • Pocket Presence: 55 (Above Average)
  • Decision Making: 45 (Fringe Average)
  • Mechanics: 45 (Fringe Average)
  • Touch/Placement: 40 (Below Average)
  • Progressions: 55 (Above Average)
  • Mobility: 60 (Above Average)
  • Size/Frame: 50 (Average)


Incarnate Word transfer who burst onto the scene by beating out an FCS All-American as a freshman and followed up by winning the Jerry Rice Award as the top FCS freshman during spring 2021. Transferred to Washington State due to familiarity with OC Eric Morris, who spent 2021 at Incarnate Word as well. Dips the ball all the way to his waist, almost like he’s gearing up to pitch a baseball, but arm speed is so fast that it shortens up what would otherwise be an elongated motion. Needs to learn a changeup – every ball leaves his hand at full throttle, which can result in overthrows downfield and missed intermediate routes. Not going to be mistaken for Lamar Jackson but has above average movement skills and generally keeps his eyes downfield looking for a play. Comfortable changing his arm angle to get things done without sacrificing much velocity. A breakout season onto the national stage at WSU in conjunction with a few small improvements could bump him into the first round conversation.

Tier: Day 2

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