• DJ Dale Scouting Report

    DJ Dale Scouting Report

    A stalwart of Alabama’s defensive line over the past few seasons, how does DJ Dale rate as a pro prospect?

  • Tyree Wilson Scouting Report

    Tyree Wilson Scouting Report

    With rumors that he could go as high as #2 overall running rampant, Tyree Wilson is one of the best players in this draft.

  • Isaiah Land Scouting Report

    Isaiah Land Scouting Report

    Luke Krumich drops his scouting report on Isaiah Land, one of the most prolific FCS pass rushers in recent memory.

  • Owen Pappoe Scouting Report

    Owen Pappoe Scouting Report

    Owen Pappoe has been on scouting radars since middle school, but now that he’s making the transition to the NFL, how does “The Freak” stack up?

  • Julius Brents Scouting Report

    Julius Brents Scouting Report

    Kansas State’s Julius Brents has consistently risen up boards over the last three months, but where does he ultimately sit in this year’s class?

  • Andre Carter II Scouting Report

    Andre Carter II Scouting Report

    Andre Carter II is Army’s best NFL prospect in decades, but where does he stack up against the rest of the class?

  • DeMarcco Hellams Scouting Report

    DeMarcco Hellams Scouting Report

    Luke Krumich takes on the task of scouting Alabama S DeMarcco Hellams, a two-year starter with plenty of NFL teammates.

  • Jammie Robinson Scouting Report

    Jammie Robinson Scouting Report

    Luke Krumich makes the case for Florida State S Jammie Robinson’s pro potential.

  • Andrei Iosivas Scouting Report

    Andrei Iosivas Scouting Report

    Princeton’s Andrei Iosivas has drawn comparisons to Packers WR Christian Watson, but are they warranted? Luke Krumich has the scoop.

  • Stetson Bennett Scouting Report

    Stetson Bennett Scouting Report

    After winning two national championships at Georgia, does Stetson Bennett have an NFL future? Hunter Thompson has his answers.